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Christ-centered Adventist educational institution leading in instruction, research, and ...
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Mountain View College believes in Jesus Christ, the True Model of Excellence.
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MVC School Song A beacon light to all the youth With ardent hearts that seek for truth MVC stands supreme and grand Destined to shine ...
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Mountain View College (MVC) is a Seventh-day Adventist institution envisioned to serve the educational needs of the young people in the South ...
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In harmony with its Philosophy, Vision, and Mission, Mountain View College is committed to educate individuals to   Seek true knowledge through ...
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School Year 2018 - 2019

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Dr. Gladden O. Flores

MVC President
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Dr. Hope S. Aperocho

MVC Vice President of Academic Affairs

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Pastor Carlos N. Aganio

MVC Vice President of Student Affairs
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Mr. Eric H. Barnuevo

MVC Vice President Finance

Did you know? The old administration building and classrooms were built in March 17, 1953. (Job Tanamal, “A Pioneer's Diary,” p.81)

Flashes for June 22, 2018

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Ministerial Seminar Promotes Organization

Desiree L. Pacolor

Apart from MVC’s excellence in all aspects, its core secret is being part of Christ’s work—ministry. The Ministerial Seminar, also known as “MS”, is one of the college’s huge organizations, promoting an interest in soul winning and spreading the everlasting good news of salvation. This is done by going out of the campus every Sabbath, rendering talents in any part in the church service/program, and conducting medical mission or children’s ministry. To promote and attract new students to join the organization, the MS volunteers are now reaching out to students who stay in the dormitories by initiating a 1-week worship program sponsored by the MS members. Through this activity and other promotional programs in the church and around the campus, more students are expected to participate in this worth-while cause. To be part of this ministry to serve and glorify God, registration is still on-going at MT Oliverio Hall (near the college library) until June 29. As what Jesus has commanded, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” There is a work to be done and the Lord is calling you. Are you willing to go?


A Promising Future

Charles Dave Negre

The once half-empty admin hallways blanketed in silence for the past two years is now bursting with joyful chatter and laughter. The once quiet dormitories barely having residents are now overflowing with new fresh faces. The lonely cafeteria that was once serving a handful of students now is cramming to fill a larger hungry crowd. The serene place of MVC is now hosting multitudes of new students filled with dreams and with lives ready to be filled with the college experience they have always been dreaming about when they were in high school.

With the first new graduates of the Kto12 program, Mountain View College welcomes these graduates of the senior high to cater to their academic, practical, social and most of all, their spiritual needs. Having said that, here is the list of the number of students enrolled this semester, based on the records of the registrar’s office as of the time of writing:

920- Resistered

1,309 - accepted

AB English – 47

AB History – 2

AB Theology – 163

Automotive Technology – 2

BEED – 66

BPE/SPE – 15

BS Biology – 18

BS Accountancy – 36

BS Accounting Technology – 33

BS Agriculture Major in Animal Science – 10

BS Agriculture Major in Crop Science – 35

BSBA Financial Mgt. – 66

BSBA Human Resource Dev. Mgt. – 23

BSED Biology – 5

BSED English – 30


BSED Math – 6

BSED Social Studies – 3


BS Information Technology – 29

BS Medical Technology – 100

BS Nursing – 177

BS Office Administration – 33


Shine On Till Jesus Comes

We hope and pray that for the years to come, more and more students will decide to come to MVC to study and serve God in their own little ways. The new students are the glimpses of a promising future - to shine on till Jesus comes.

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