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Mountain View College believes in Jesus Christ, the True Model of Excellence.
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Mountain View College (MVC) is a Seventh-day Adventist institution envisioned to serve the educational needs of the young people in the South ...
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School Year 2018 - 2019

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Dr. Gladden O. Flores

MVC President
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Dr. Hope S. Aperocho

MVC Vice President of Academic Affairs

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Pastor Carlos N. Aganio

MVC Vice President of Student Affairs
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Mr. Eric H. Barnuevo

MVC Vice President Finance

Did you know? The old administration building and classrooms were built in March 17, 1953. (Job Tanamal, “A Pioneer's Diary,” p.81)

Flashes for July 20, 2018

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2018 Master Guide Induction Ceremony

Wyndale Jing Libetario

In the afternoon of Saturday, July 14th, 2018, the Master Guide Organization of MVC had their weekend induction ceremony at the Alumni Church with the official hash tag #pathfinderstrong.

The purpose of the induction ceremony was to officially admit the newly members into the world- wide fellowship of the Pathfinder Club. The program begins with a march in of the old and new members and the welcome remarks by MG Olivia Vasquez.

MG Dwight Kenjie Madriaga shared a message encouraging everyone to be a revere master of Master Guide. At a later time, MG Prince Dean A. Baya presided over the induction ceremony, then the lighting of the Pathfindering Candle commenced.

The spirit of the pathfindering candle depicts the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Master of the Master Guides, which cultivates learning, camaraderie, exploration, learning and the spirit of service. Also, the 6 different classes in the pathfinder club are designed to help the pathfinders learn skills which will make them useful individuals in the society.

The blue candle represents the friend class whereby the pathfinder learns to be a friend of God and a friend of men;

The red candle represents the companion class, where pathfinder learns to walk with God and enjoy his companionship;

The green candle represents the explorer class where pathfinder learns to explore God's creation, wonders and mystery;

The white candle represents the ranger class where the pathfinder learns to accept a challenge and be a ranger;

The burgundy candle represents the voyager where pathfinder learns what it means to go with God;

The last was the guide class represented by the last foundation of the candle. Together with 8 laws and 7 pledges, an overall total of 22 candles were lighted for the induction ceremony.

College President and Master Guide Gladden Flores led the dedicatory prayer, then the benediction by MG Rommel Subigca. The recessional and picture taking immediately followed.

The weekend ceremony was full of ineffable insights and inspiring words that build the foundation of faith to the Glory of God. Let the message printed on their program inspire us. It says, "The power of Master Guide touch: When you reach out to them by believing in them, trusting them, accepting them and working with them, they will live up their potential.”


“Walk of Faith” – A Night of Music and Testimonies

Desiree L. Pacolor

As what the great psalmist of the Bible—David—proclaimed in Psalm 98, “1Sing to the Lord a new song for he has done marvelous things.5Make music to the Lord with the harp, 6with the harp and the sound of singing, with Desiree L. Pacolor trumpets and the blast of the ram’s horn—shout for joy before the Lord, the King.”

On the cold evening of the midweek service last July 11, 2018, thousands of students and faculty gathered at MVC alumni church to witness the most awaited program, “A walk of faith”- A night of music and testimonies, as a continuance of the Grand Social Orientation that happened earlier that day.

Different musical organizations, including the orchestra and chorales; as well as speakers participated in the said event.

On the onset of the program, an opening prayer was uttered by Pr. Romel Subigca, church pastor of the MVC Alumni Church, followed by the welcome remarks from Bro. Dwight Kenji Madriaga, and then a video presentation of the MVC history.

Through the governing conductor of the Hilltop Chamber Orchestra, Bro. Jay S. Ligsay, an instrumental music was marvellously rendered, preceding the testimony by Dr. Shadrach Santosidad, former dean of the School of Agriculture.

The praise and worship was participated in by various singing groups of MVC: The Advent Philomels, Alauda Arvensis, Sons and Daughters, Singing Ambassadors, MVC Academy, Goldenaires, SN—Clinical, and SN MMA Alumni.

Sis. Joan Talose gave the closing remarks, followed by a congregational singing by the Hilltop Chamber Orchestra together with the different singing groups that formed the Mass Choir.

The program successfully ended through a closing prayer by Pr. Ultimino Rivera. Pictorials and the giving of snacks to the participants wrapped up the event.


Espenido Speaks at Vespers Program

Jesnel Kharl Apugan

Vespers program on the evening of Friday, July 13, 2018, at the MVC Alumni Church, was no ordinary service. Coordinated by the Guidance Office of the college, the worship began melodiously with various musical renditions by musical groups and choirs here at MVC. The Mountain View College Academy, directed by Jordan Bapts Tabenas, played their angklungs accompanied by other instruments. Various instruments were played that evening - from angklungs, violings, to bells and saxophones. There were solo, duet, and group renditions by both students and faculty members. The Hilltop Chamber Orchestra, directed by Jay Ligsay, then played their choir of instruments to end the mini concert.

Then came the main part. With the church filled with students, faculty, and visitors, the college president, Dr. Gladden O. Flores, introduced the much awaited Police/Chief Inspector Jovie R. Espenido, one of the country’s most renowned figures in the war against drugs. His message was certainly one many anticipated.

Espenido began his message with the importance of living a principled life. He reminded the parents, in particular, who are the first influencers of society, to be deeply rooted in right principles so as to influence and teach their children those same principles. “Walk the talk,” “live what you say,” he further added. And to the students, he encouraged them to adapt a principled life.

As the audience was predominantly student attendees, Espenido had much warnings, reminders, and exhortations for them to seriously consider as students and as young adults of this generation. Firstly, he warned against curiosity and what he calls “testing.” He says that experimenting or “testing” in forbidden “perimeters of life” to satisfy one’s curiosity will lead to adverse consequences of the mind, body, and spiritual life. Such consequences and shame is not worth it. He shared stories and cases of other people’s mistakes to support his point and in his attempt to greatly warn students of the dangers of drugs. He asserts that one should never try, “not even once, for every addiction begins with a ‘first time.’”

Following were some crucial and serious reminders. He states, “be reminded of your purpose here at MVC – to study and to finish your studies.” He adds, “You still have higher heights to reach.” One should not waste it all because of drugs. What a tragedy it is to enter into substance addiction at the expense of one’s educational pursuit and aspirations. He then directed the students’ thoughts to consider their parents. The sacrifices parents make.

Their financial and prayerful support for the sake of their son or daughter’s success. He reiterates, “Do not waste all of these.” Moreover, it’s not just drugs that one should be aware of. Alcohol, cigarette, and unwise relationships – these may be hindrances to students.

In ending, Espenido expressed some gracious wishes for the students of MVC. “I wish that my God is the same as your God. I hope that your stay here will not be a waste. I hope your parents’ support do not end.” And lastly, an emphasis of his message and his prayer for students of MVC is that they “may be principled in the Lord.”

The evening excitingly ended with people in attendance flocking their way to the front to take a picture with Chief Inspector Jovie R. Espenido.


To Lands Far Away

Charles Dave Negre

We may all have that fantasy or daydream about going abroad. To be able to go there to work, to travel, to meet people and get to know other culture. But as clear as daylight, fantasies and dreams do not come that easy. It may come, but in the far future. The dream of highly imagined laughter and chatter, the equally longed for joy of visiting lands far away have to wait... Or does it?

Luckily we can erase the words “far future” and replace it with “now.” For years, MVC has been offering the work and travel program as an internship for the students of the School of Business and Accountancy, although it is also open to all who are interested to join. They have collaborated with two agencies to make our dreams come true.

Last Thursday, July 12 2018, the first agency, HR International Manila (HRI) had their orientation about the program and how students can avail of it. With the leadership of their marketing manager, they presented the advantages, the fun, and other things you have to know if you join this WORK AND TRAVEL program (WAT). They did not have only college student as attendees, but also some from the senior high school for early awareness. This was done so that when these students are already in college and they want to join the WAT program, then it would be easier for them to do so.

The following day, 13th of July, a Friday, the second agency, UTP Beyond Borders came. With the leadership of their area manager, Ms. Djonnabelle Veloso; and program adviser, Clark Patulombon, they conducted their own orientation on the procedures and requirements for the WAT program. They also have offered the internship program for graduating students. This way, instead of only staying in the United States for 2 months, they have the option to lengthen their stay from 6 months to one year. Offers such as discounts and other promos were also discussed.

Positive feedbacks from participants of the WAT program could be heard. Mr. Serps Jay L. Bruce said, “Being there was a great experience.” He worked as a life guard in the wilderness resort in Wisconsin Dells. He further shared, “Though working on days can be tiring and draining, but seeing the little kids there makes the stress go away. They have the cutest way of showing their innocence; and (I like) the fact that I was there to save lives.” He also stated that the Adventist brethren from Portage Wisconsin SDA Church were kind and fun to be with. They have visited many places while they were there. As I was personally interviewing him, I can see the joy imbedded in his words. I am sure that the others who also went there have the same joy in their hearts

So if you also have that dream of seeing the world and actually work there, then join the WAT program and experience the lasting memories of the day you first touched snow, to eat American food in America, and to actually interact with the people across the sea. Be there and journey to the lands far away.

Special thanks to following students for sharing their experiences and further information about the program: Ms. Loughreen Campañero, Ms. Clarice Salavaria, Ms. Shanie Lou Dona, and Mr. Serps Jay Bruce.

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