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(For General and Major Requirements)

ENGL 000. *English Plus, 3 units
A non-credit, 3-unit course for incoming freshmen who fail the English Placement Test. It aims to improve the English language proficiency of college freshmen learning the critical grammatical structures necessary for communicative functions such as narrating, describing, giving directions, etc. and to acquire adequate vocabulary needed for academic study. The emphasis is on the use of English for communication and learning purposes.

ENGL101. English I: Study and Thinking Skills, 3 units
This course aims primarily to develop the student’s communicative and thinking skills for academic study. The lessons are all strategies on how reading and writing can be enhanced.

ENGL 102. English II:  Writing in the Discipline, 3 units
This course is designed to develop basic research and writing skills of students in their specific discipline. It teaches term-paper writing and requires a term-paper at the end of the term.   Prerequisite:ENGL101

ENGL 103. English III: Interactive, 3 units
This course is a study of the basic patterns of spoken English with the aim of developing naturalness, correctness, and clarity in oral speech. It develops confidence in the student’s ability to participate in all kinds of communicative situations.

ENGL 103. Technical English, 3 units
This course is especially offered to those students who are taking automotive technology and electrical technology under the TESDA curriculum. It emphasizes conversational English and appropriate written compositions. It stresses the basic concepts on grammar and composition, both oral and written, training activities in business letter writing, writing interviews and informal discussions.

ENGL 203. Speech and Oral Communication, 3 units
This course presents to the students the different sounds of English language and how to produce them. This course help students improve their speech, so that later, they shall be able to communicate intelligibly, fluently and distinctly A three- unit course designed for effective speech communication for various situations.  Prerequisite: ENGL  101, 102

ENGL 204. Lit: Literature of the Philippines, 3 units
This course deal with the study of literary forms or genre (fiction, poetry, drama, and essay) as exemplified by selected literary texts from various regions of the Philippines written at different periods in Philippine literary history. It is mandatory General Education Curriculum (GEC) requirement of tertiary courses of study leading to an initial bachelor’s degree covering four curriculum years. Prerequisite: ENGL 101, 102

ENGL 205. Literature II: Masterpieces in World Literature, 3 units
This course focuses on the greatness of the world’s literary masters whose ideas and styles have continued to exert a profound influence well into the writers of this century. It studies the best sample of the peculiar literary genius with a view to offering a valuable key for understanding the people of the world, their widely divergent cultures, civilizations, and attitudes. Prerequisite: ENGL 204


ENGL 305. Structure of the English Language, 3 units
Develops the ability to use the meta-language of grammar with ease and explain the form, meaning, and use of the elements of grammar.

ENGL 306. Introduction to Linguistics, 3 units
This course seeks to provide students with an overview of the study of linguistic, its origin and development, its division and parts, and its significance to language teaching and learning. Prerequisite: ENGL 101 102

ENGL 307. Developmental Reading, 3 units
A course designed to develop, improve, and refine the student’s vocabulary, comprehension, and study skills. It includes a brief background of the nature and psychology of the reading process. It also includes multi-level exercises in developing vocabulary, comprehension, literary appreciation, speed reading and study skills. Prerequisite: ENG 101, 102, 203,204, 205.

ENGL 308. Advanced College Grammar, 3 units
This course is a study of English sentence structure and its components according to the principles of linguistic science. This is offered especially to those who major in English and to secretarial students. Prerequisite: ENGL 101-102.

ENGL 309. Afro-Asian Literature, 3 units
This is a study of the literature of Africa and Asia with emphasis on their customs and traditions, their religious beliefs, and their philosophy of life as revealed in their literature. Prerequisite: ENG 204-205.

ENGL 310. Introduction to Language Study, 3 units
The course is an introduction to the different subfields in linguistics– phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics – and the methods employed in each subfields.

ENGL 311. Survey of English and American Literature, 3 units
This course covers the important periods in development and growth of English and American Literature. It studies the literary and artistic movements, principal writers and their representative works. It designed to help students cultivate a taste for reading and develop interest in augmenting their understanding of English and American

ENGL 312.  Introduction to Mass Comm. & Campus Journalism, (3)
It is an introductory course which deals with different forms of transmitting information, the aspects of communication process and their effects, how they explore into the role of media in society with emphasis upon ethical standards and media’s influence upon political, economic and social spheres of activity. It provides students a comprehensive guide on the making of campus paper. Prerequisite: ENGL 101,102,103.

ENGL 313. Language and Society, 3 units
This course is the study of language in its social context with focus on Philippine society.

ENGL 314. Registers in English, 3 units
This course presents and describes different kinds of written texts aimed at specific purposes and specific audiences.

ENGL 315. Introduction to Applied Linguistics, 3 units
This course introduces the basic concepts of applied linguistics and their application to language teaching.

ENGL 413. Effective Writing, 3 units
This course discusses explicit principles of writing and the writing process. It provides model practice for narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive writing. It also provides survey selected Afro-Asian, American, and European essays. Prerequisites: ENGL 308

ENGL 414. Public Speaking, 3 units
It is introduces student to principles and theories of effective public speaking and group communication. The course emphasizes the importance of being participant in the broader public sphere/ community in which group decision-making and problem solving, speech-making, debate and critical listening shape and determine social welfare. It provides the art and techniques of public speaking. Prerequisites: ENGL 101 ,102, 203 

ENGL 415. Advanced Composition, 3 units
This course is study an application of the fundamentals of composition: syntax, effective sentence structure, punctuation, paragraph development, an organization of materials. Prerequisites: ENGL 101, 102

ENGL 416, Business English and Correspondence, 3 units
This course discusses the theory and practice in writing effective business letters. This is primarily intended for secretarial and commerce students. Prerequisite: ENGL 101,102.

ENGL 417. Structure of the Filipino Language, 3 units
This course aims to develop in the students the ability to use the meta-language of the Filipino grammar as it is applied to teaching. Focus is on the analysis of structure and grammar of the language and the meaning of the expressions in contrast to that of the English language and other languages in the Philippines.

ENGL 418. Technical and Scientific Writing, 3 units
This course focuses on formats, steps and techniques of writing of formal reports. It includes definition, description of a mechanism, process, classification and partition, and interpretation. Prerequisites: ENGL 101,102

ENGL 419. Creative Writing, 3 units
It is an advanced study of the descriptions of effective composition, analysis of and practices in writing short stories and poems. This course is an elective subject for English majors. Prerequisite: ENGL 308

ENGL 420. Philippine Contemporary Literature in English, 3 units
This course, especially offered for English majors, covers the literature written by Filipinos in English from the 1900’s to the present. Prerequisite ENGL 204,205.

ENGL 421. Literary Criticism, 3 units
It is a three-unit course designed to familiarize the students with the different approaches and methods in the study of literature and to provide directions to the students by which to shape their perceptions about the work of literature through discussion of the major approaches to literary criticism. Prerequisites: ENGL 204, 205

ENGL 422. Biblical Literature: Mythology, and Folklore, 3 units
This course is a survey of the Bible as literature and of the different literary types of the Bible. It includes a study of some mythological and folk narratives from different countries to gain deeper insights into man’s origin, his desires, his fears, his instinct and needs. Prerequisites: ENGL 204, 205.

ENGL 423. Literary History of the Philippines, 3 units
This course traces the development of literature in the Philippines from the pre-colonial period to the present. It studies the life, culture, customs and beliefs of the Filipinos in the literary different periods through the analysis of the varied genre in literature .

ENGL 424. Language in Culture, 3 units
The course studies the various concepts and themes regarding the relationship of language and culture with focus on the Filipino cultural behavior through his/her use of language.

ENGL 425. Cross-Cultural Communication, 3 units
The course studies the dynamics of cross-cultural communication with focus on English as the global language.

ENGL 426. Principles of Argumentation and Debate, 3 units
Principles of argumentation as applied to public speaking, discussion and debate.

ENGL 427. European Literature, 3 units
The course includes in its study the literary masterpieces of European writers of the different literary periods from Beowulf up to the 20th century.  

ENGL 428. Translation, Theory and Practice, 3 units
This course covers the history of translation, including major theories, interpretation and trans-coding that have been dominant over time. Students are familiarized with the current state of research in the fields of linguistics and translation, and build their understanding of the field from a theoretical perspective. Students also examine the process of teaching as it relates to the field of translation and examine varied pedagogical philosophies that may boost student’s learning, and explore the methods by which the process of translation can be taught.

ENGL 429. Language Research, 3 units
This course aims to develop in the students skills in applying the principles and approaches in research in the languages to find answers to questions in language learning and teaching.

ENGL 430. Approaches to College English Teaching, 3 units
A survey of recent language theories and practices in college English teaching. This includes the study of the different pedagogical approaches in teaching the second language. In this course, students are exposed to classroom situations in the college level.


FILI 151. Filipino I: Sining Pakikipagtalastasan, 3 units
Sa kursong ito pag-aaralan ang Filipino bilang isang wikang dinaminiko na gagamitin sa komunikasyonng pasalita at pasulat. Lilinangin ang apat na makrong kasanayan sa pakikinig, pagsasalita at pagsulat sa pamagitan ng iba’t ibang teksto at konteksto

FILI 152. Filipino II:Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa iba’t ibang Disiplina, 3 units
Ang kursong ito ay magbibigay pokos sa pagbasa at pagsulat bilang kasangkapan sa pagkatuto. Ituturo sa kurso ang estratehiya o pamaraan sa pagbasa sa iba’t ibang genre ng nga tekstong nakasulat. Lilinangin din ang nga kasanayan sa pag –unawa,lalo na ang kritikal na pag-unawa, gayundin ang kasanayan sa pagsulat ng ibat ibang sulating pang  cademic. Magiging batayang paksa ang tungkol sa humanidades at agham panlipunan, at agham teknolohiya.

FILI253. Filipino III: Retorika, 3 units
Sumasaklaw ang kurso sa malikhaing pagsulat ng apat na paraan ng pagpapahayag:paglalarawan, paglalahad, pagsasalaysay at pangangatuwiran; na may pokus sa mga istilo ng wika. Lilinang ang kursong ito sa mga kasanayan sa pagsasalita at pagsulat sa pagpapahayag ng niloloob ng nga mag-aaral bilang indibidwal, bahagi ng etnikong grupo, mamamayan n isang bansa at bahagi ng isang global na kumunidad.

FILI  254. Filipino IV: Tanging Gamit, 3 units
Saklaw ng kursong ito ang pagpapaunlad at pagpapahayag ng talasalitaang Pilipino sa pamagitan ng pagsasalin upang makatipon ng mga gamiting katawagang panturo at talasalitaang Pilipino para sa tanging gamit at ang paghahada ng mga kagamitang panturo( banghay ng pagtuturo,hanguang pangkat, yunit, patnubay, gabay, atb.

PEAC101. Physical Education 1- Gymnastics/Physical Fitness, 2 units
This is systematic bodily exercises or feats of performances which are based on scientific principles. These include: self-testing activities, conditioning  exercises and apparatus exercises.

PEAC 102. Physical Education II- Rhythmic Activities, 2 units
Refer to those activities where the individual responds physically and mentally to music or any rhythmic accompaniment. These include: fundamental rhythms, rhythmic
interpretation, singing games and folk dances, social games and marching.

PEAC 201. Physical Education III- Individual and Dual Sports, 2 units
These activities are traditional games which are highly organized and which are governed by rules. These include: sipa, badminton, table tennis, and lawn tennis.

PEAC 202. Physical Education IV-Leadership in Sports and Group Ball Games (Team Games), 2 units
This course gives students the necessary knowledge and training in leading and playing group ball games/ sports. These include: tournament management, programming, coaching/ officiating and playing group ball games like: basketball, volleyball, softball, and soccer.

HIST 101. Philippine History and Culture, 3 units
A study of the socio-cultural, political, and economic background of the Philippines from the pre-historic times to the present. It focuses on the foundation of the philosophy of history, information on historical research and interpretation, and provides an in-depth analysis of the selected problems in the Philippines history and historiography. It also provides comparative and parallel studies of historical development in areas and regions in the Philippines.

HIST 102. Politics, Governance with Philippine Constitution, 3 units
This course traces the development of the political and other allied institutions in the Philippines that contributed to the formation of our nation-state and our present form of government. Stress is made on the predominant features of the Philippine Constitution.

HIST 103. History of Asian Nations & Culture, 3 units
This course is designed to examine the political, economic, and socio-cultural issues in Asian societies today in the light of historical and global forces at work in Asia.


SOCI 108. Introduction to the Humanities, 3 units
A survey course designed to foster an intelligent appreciation of arts through a coordinated study of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and literature.


SOCI 109. Logic with Critical Thinking, 3 units
This course intends to familiarize the student with the principles of formal reasoning with focus on the analysis of validity of inference, nature of concepts, fallacies of reasoning, and the nature of argumentation.

SOCI 112.  Philosophy of Man, 3 units
This course provides an over view on the nature of man; his activities and destiny based on the perspective of both western and oriental philosophies. It attempts to assess his place and his relationships to the world.

SOCI 101. General Psychology, 3 units
A study of the principles of human behavior, individual differences, motivations, emotions, perceptions, and learning. This course includes the study of human sexuality, morality, and drug abuse and their implications to the person and society as a whole.

SOCI 104. Principle of Economics with Land Reform and Taxation, 3 units
A study designed to acquaint students with the basic principles of economics as they operate in the Philippine setting. Included in the course is the study of the essentials of taxation with particular stress on the knowledge of various national and local taxes, tax administration and procedures.

SOCI. 105. Health Economics w/ Taxation & Agrarian Reform, 3 units
This course deals with the economic concepts and principles as applied to medical issues particularly in the financing and delivery of medical services as applied to Philippine economic condition. It also discusses the principles of land reform program as well as individual and corporate taxation.

SOCI 110. Sociology- Anthropology/Sociology & Culture w/ Population Education, 3 units
An introduction to the basic concepts in sociology and anthropology with stress on the study of culture, social organizations and institutions, rural and urban problems, family life, socio-cultural change and population education.

SOCI 111. Rizal: His Life, Works, and Writings, 3 units
This is a three-unit course which deals with the life, work, writings, and teachings of Dr. Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. The subject traces the origin, and development of Filipino national consciousness that eventually led to the making of the nation.

SOCI 112. Society and Culture, 3 units
This is the study of man’s interrelationship with other men and his environment. It covers current national issues such us population education and family planning.