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The best Math pupils of the MVC Elementary School joined the Division Elimination rounds of the Metrobank-MTAP-DEPED Math Challenge. This was participated in by all the public and private schools in the Valencia City Division.

The top ranking pupils for individual competition received certificates of merit categorized as First, Second, and Third Honors, Contestants with 45 or more correct answers got the First Honors; those with 40-44 correct answers, the Second Honors; and those with 35-39 correct answers, the Third Honors.

The Division Elimination Rounds allowed only the top twenty schools to qualify for the Division Team Finals on February 7. The Division Elimination Rounds, which pitted the MVC ES against the public and private elementary schools in the Valencia City Division, gave the following results. (To be in Rank 1 means that the pupils are the Number 1 among the twenty schools.)


The MVC ES pupils who participated and their ranks are:


Grade 1 (Rank 13) -- Erika Mae Barnuevo, Gwenyth Lovely Pueblo
Grade 11 (Rank 1) – Preach Love Paulican, Marconi Restauro
Grade 111 (Rank 3) – Zirailli Oriel Vidal, Joseph Robert Manuel Espero
Grade !V (Rank 7) -- Sydrech Rosalejos, Kyla Rios
Grade V (Rank 7) – Irish Jane Opao, Crizza Kate Bretaña
Grade V! (Rank 6) -- Kenric David Aperocho, Erbert Grant Vargas

The results of the Division Team Finals on February 7 showed that out of the twenty schools that participated in each grade level, the MVC ES pupils got the following ranks.

Grade 1  (Rank 3) – Barnuevo, Pueblo
Grade 11 (Rank 3) – Paulican, Restauro
Grade 111 (Rank 4) – Vidal, Espero
Grade 1V (Rank 4) – Rosalejos, Rios
Grade V (Rank 7) – Bretaña, Opao
Grade V1 (Rank 5) – Aperocho, Vargas

“We are so proud of the achievements of our pupils,” Assoc. Prof.  Flordeliz  Montecastro, MVC ES principal, commented. “To be ranked Number 3, for example, among 20 schools is remarkable. We thank our teachers and the parents who helped prepare our Math ‘wizards’ for the Math Challenge.”

Congratulations, MVC ES!